Mubarak Al-Khayareen, President of the International Snooker Federation, affirmed that the Asian Confederation elections are going so far towards resolving by acclamation, given that no other list is running against that of Mohamed Salem Al-Nuaimi, the current president of the federation and the Secretary General of the Qatar Billiards and Snooker Federation.
Al-Nuaimi’s list includes Alan Gir from Pakistan as deputy, Joseph Lu from Hong Kong as Secretary General and Michel Khoury from Syria as treasurer. It is logical that no one is running against this list since Al-Nuaimi and his team have developed the AFC Snooker significantly.
This comes at a time when the activities of the General Assembly of the Asian Federation of the game, which was scheduled to be held in Doha next July, were postponed due to the instability of the situation in the whole world due to the spread of the new Coronavirus worldwide.
Al-Khayareen said that this delay will be until next November and the activities are to be held in Doha as well, in conjunction with the International Snooker Federation General Assembly that Doha is also hosting during the same period. Al-Khayareen denied that the International Federation had made any amendment to the date of the International Federation’s General Assembly that is to be held on the side-lines of the World Snooker Championship, which will also be held in Doha on time during the month of November as it is without change so far. It is expected that things will be better during that period. As for the Mubarak Al-Khayareen’s elections for the presidency of the International Federation, indicators confirm that they will not be easy at all. Most expectations indicate that Al-Khayareen will find strong competition, especially as it is certain that the General Assembly will not be easy in any way. It is expected that it would be attended by 70 civil federations of a total of 80 federations, members of the International Federation, after the accession of Armenia, Turkmenistan and the Sultanate of Oman. Despite all of that, Al-Khayareen will remain on top of the list as to holding this position, given that he will fight these elections armed with the marvellous achievements that Qatar has made in favour of the game globally in the last four years in which Al-Khayareen took over the presidency of the International Federation.
The two general assemblies of the International and Asian Federations are of great importance, especially since each of them will witness the holding of elections for a new board of directors. It is known that Muhammad Salem Al-Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Qatar Billiard and Snooker Federation heads the Continental Federation, and seeks to continue to a new electoral cycle. The same is true for Mubarak Al-Khayareen who announced his desire to run again for the presidency of the International Federation.