Playwrights from Qatar and the Arab Gulf praised the theatrical performance “Al-Mughassil”, which was presented by “Tezkar” artistic production team, during a feedback session at the Drama Theater in (Katara), where the performances and events of the 35th Doha Theater Festival are being held.


The Yemeni theater director, Safwat Al-Gashed, praised the work, starting with the script. He said that: The beginning of my fascination with the play “Al-Mughassil” was when I read the text, especially since the text was written by a new Qatari writer, which prompted me to ask: Who is this writer? Who taught him? Who has read? What did he study? Where did he study? Did he read to Dr. Hassan Rashid, or to Abdul Rahman Al-Mannai, or to Ali Mirza Mahmoud? Did he benefit from the previous Qatari theatrical experience? Then, I wondered: why does he write theatre? What motivated him to write theatre? We all know that playwriting is a very difficult art, and it is different from the rest of the arts because it is a qualitative art, and whoever writes this art must be the son of the theatre. Al-Gashed referred to the duality of death and life in the work, stressing that it is a duality that no writer dares to address or approach. He explained that the text carries many values, including the values of honesty, rebellion, and morals. Al-Gashed stressed that the writer Tamim Al-Borsheed possesses the elements of a playwright, and that he should see, research and read.

The work aroused the admiration of the playwrights and those interested, in addition to the audience, which attended in large numbers. The feedback session witnessed rich discussions and interventions from the audience. Most of the interventions touched on the elements of the theatrical performance such as: the decoration that was employed well, and served the dramatic escalation in events, in addition to lighting, music and technology. A flashback that showed the main characters in the play, in addition to the performance of the actors on stage and their ability to impersonate the characters with a lot of craftsmanship and proficiency. The guests of the festival expressed their fascination with the performance of the actors and their embodiment of the characters, especially the hero Munther Thani, who identified with the character to a great extent, a skill that only a great actor can possess.