The magician roams the corners of Ramadan Book Fair every night, in a heritage image that embodies Qatar’s past in the month of Ramadan. Visitors to the exhibition are keen to watch the magician, take pictures with him, and enjoy his voice as he calls out to the fasting people, marking the beginning of the time of the pre-dawn meal, as it fits with the traditional atmosphere of Ramadan Book Fair. The magician usually attracts children who accompany their families during their visit to the exhibition. The profession of “bewitcher” in the State of Qatar is one of the professions that prevailed and then vanished to return in some areas, and it is a profession that was required by people’s circumstances at a period of time, as people used to sleep early, unlike the present time, and in the month of Ramadan they need someone to wake them up for suhoor before the time of the dawn call to prayer. Hence, the seasonal profession of (Al-Masahir), which is closely related to the holy month of Ramadan. The management of the Ramadan Book Fair is keen to have the magician present annually in the fair for the enjoyment of visitors.