Members of Al-Khor Club were unanimous in choosing His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani to hold the presidency of the club for a year, along with Muhammad Muqalled Al-Muraikhi as vice president through a committee managing the club’s affairs for a year after the members abstained from nomination in the elections that were supposed to take place on the sidelines of the GA yesterday. The elections extended from the 20th of this July. None of the Al-Khor’s GA members ran for elections since they had the desire for His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani along with Muhammad Muqalled Al Muraikhi to return to managing the club’s affairs. 44 of the GA members who have the right to attend were present.
Work together
For his part, Muhammad Muqalled Al-Muraikhi, Vice President of Al-Khor Club, thanked the GA members for this confidence and said that the current stage requires everyone’s solidarity in order for the Club’s first football team to surpass the difficult stage it is currently going through and to work as one.
He added that the Al-Khor club must have consultation and benefiting from existing experiences within the club. Choosing a person or another to work with the management does not mean that the remaining …..
He said that he was away from the club for a while and did not follow its affairs in detail. He added that he even followed the league in general at intervals, only some few matches. He also said that he did not focus on the league and the first match he saw in a while was that one played three days ago between Al-Khor and Al-Sadd. He thought that Al-Khor was not bad at all in the match and did not deserve to lose. Al-Khor was unfortunate in the game after Thiago wasted the penalty kick which was enough to give Al-Khor a draw.
Mohammed Muqalled Al-Muraikhi further indicated that the task shall not be easy and the situation is critical and difficult, especially after Al-Shahaniya’s victory over Al-Ahly. However, it is possible to actually come back, he insisted, and Al-Khor will overcome this critical stage with everyone’s solidarity.
Better ranking
Mohammed Muqalled Al-Muraikhi continued his statements, saying that the Club, of course, hopes that It will meet the good expectations of the members and the people of Al-Khor. The Club, he went on, wishes to present something which befits the name and history of the club, and the ambition is that Al Khor rises to a better position and that it becomes one of the teams that compete for the top and not merely to struggle in order to avoid falling.
Muhammad Muqalled Al-Muraikhi concluded his statements saying that the gaps that have appeared in the new amendments and regulations are a positive matter, because it must be applied through elections, candidacy and general assemblies to find out the negative and positive points so that gaps and errors are corrected.