Al-Khor Sports Club announced the launch of a contest for the most beautiful old photos that pertain to the current Al-Khor Sports Club, previously Cooperation Club, or before the establishment of the club, with total financial prizes of ten thousand Riyals. Requests for participation in the contest will be received until the twenty-fifth of this month.
For his part, Mr. Sultan Shabib Al-Muhannadi, General Director of Al-Khor Sports Club, stated that: the aim of the contest is to collect the largest possible number of rare and historical photos of the club, the founders and the former club stars in addition to photos of the old club buildings and news in the newspapers. Through collecting these photos, Al-Muhannadi added, we aim to establish a permanent museum for the club at the Club headquarters, commensurate to its value and history, to reflect the nobility of Al-Khor Sports Club, in which many stars from different generations have played and raised the club’s name. He stressed that this is an opportunity to restore the wonderful memories of the successive generations, which have contributed much to Qatari sports, whether the departed Whom we pray to Allah to bestow them with his mercy or the current. It is also a wonderful occasion to tribute them for their great contributions, and to introduce them visually to new generations that have not witnessed some of them.
Eligible photos include old photos of the club’s buildings, pictures of football teams, old players and staff, as well as old sports teams, and the news of the club published in local newspapers. Conditions for participation set out by the club included the club’s right to use and publish the pictures sent, and the participant’s right to submit more than one photo. The first-place winner will receive five thousand Riyals, while the second-place winner will win a financial prize of three thousand Riyals, and the third-place winner will receive an amount of two thousand Qatari Riyals. All contest details are available in an announcement published by the club via its online platforms.