Al Khor Sports Club Indoor Sports Hall hosts today the Club Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting at 6:30 PM. The meeting agenda includes only one item, which is the election of the new management for the next session represented in the president and vice president.
Given the events of the past few days, since the Club’s management declared the beginning of nomination for elections, opening the door for several periods of excitement and tension. It all boiled up to missing the three opportunities provided to members of the General Assembly to run for elections.  No candidates were named, which means that the Assembly shall proceed to appoint a one-year Interim Board.
Contrary to the candidacy scenarios, the pleasant surprise was that the General Assembly witnessed the acceptance of His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed, to return to the presidency of the club with Muhammad Muqalled Al-Muraikhi, last week, a return that guarantees that  things would go in this direction.
It is certain that everyone in the club was heartened bythe anticipated return of Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed , especially since the situation requires the presence of a leadership around which everyone will rally and a leader who is able to take the club back to the right path, something that the return of Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed would provide, and therefore the today’s General Assembly will decide on the appointment of official approval on the new Board.
Nomination was opened twice before the General Assembly convened for the first time last Monday. In the first time, the nomination of Muhammad Mubarak al-Muhannadi was nullified. It also witnessed the withdrawal of Ghanem Abdullah al-Muhannadi, and in the second time no candidate ran for elections, and the same situation continues for the third time. The only solution now is to appoint a one-year Committee.
It is decided that the new Board will start operation immediately, especially with regard to the file of the football team that suffers a critical period in the struggle for survival, as well as the file of the next season. Members of the five-year Committee overseeing the club’s management confirmed that the football team file will not be discussed, and that of the matter belongs to the new Board.