Al-Khor SC declared the commencement of nomination for the SC’selections again for a period of three days, starting yesterday. The nomination will conclude tomorrow. Then, the candidates’ papers are to be examined by the Membership and Elections Affairs Committee for a period of three days.  The GA will be held on the 27th of this month. It was also decided during the GA meeting that was held the day before yesterday at the SC’sheadquarters that in the event that no nominations are submitted for elections, a committee will be appointed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports to manage the Club. Everyone is awaiting the return of Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani to presidency of the club with Muhammad Muqalled Al Muraikhi as his deputy. It is stated that the nomination was concluded twice without anyone submitting nominations, other than the list of Muhammad Mubarak, which was rejected, and that of Ghanem Abdullah Al-Muhannadi, who withdrew in solidarity with Muhammad Mubarak. there was a proposal by many members to settle matters in the GA by choosing Muhammed Mubarak Al-Muhanadi to take over the presidency of the SC by appointing a committee to manage the SC’saffairs for a year. Yet, the representative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports rejected the proposal, asserting that it violates the statutes of the clubs.