Al Jassra cultural salon held a literary evening entitled “Majid Bin- Saleh Al- Khulaifi- The Good in soft poetry” in which, the poets: Morsel Al- Dawas and Khalifa Bin- Saif Al- Suwaidi participated. Al- Dawas presented the life of the late poet, saying that he was born in Doha in 1288, corresponding to 1872, and that did not live long, he died in 1907 and lived about 35 years. It reminds us of Shabi and Tarfa, two of the most famous Arab poets who died young. He described him as an intellectual, a scholar of the rules of religion and its origins, a lover of poetry and literature until he became one of the widely known poets in Qatar. From his part, the poet Kalifa Al Suwaidi read some masterpieces of Majid Al-Khulaifi’s poetry. The great poet Dr. Hassan Al Nema had an intervention in which he asserted that Doha witnessed the establishment of many cultural edifice and that we experienced great joy in this poetic evening, praising such initiatives. The evening culminated in a tribute to both the poet Khalifa Ben Saif al- Suwaidi and the poet Morsel al-Dawas. They were presented with a certificate of honor and the club shield by Mr. Muhammad Nasir al-Obaidan, Secretary of the general secret of Al-Jassra club.