Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club announced the names of the winners in its religious competition which was held during the blessed month of Ramadan 1442 AH and was published on the club’s electronic platforms in cooperation with (Al-Sharq) and (Al-Raya) newspapers, where a question was asked on a daily basis during the holy month.


A screening committee was established under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohamed Said Ibrahim, Secretary of the Fund, and members of Mr. Al-Bashir Hadi, General Supervisor, and Mr. Ali Rajab Omar, General Coordinator. and the sorting committee began its work as soon as it was formed on June 20th.


The screening and sorting went on and continued throughout the whole week due to the participation of a large numbers of participants. the answers were sent via the email of the club, mailbox or direct delivery of the club’s headquarters to those who accredited the daily newspapers. The screening resulted in the winning of Al Majd Omar Mohamed Abdulrazak, Sarah Khalil Saleh, Karim Ahmed Rashid, Al-Anoud Saleh Al-katheri, Sharif Hussein, Hind Abdullah Alawi, Nayef Abdullah bawazir, Al- Hassan Tariq Ali Kotb, Samiha Basam Al- Nadeem and Ahmed Hamod.


Mr. Mohamed Said, treasurer of the club and chairman of the competition screening committee, stated: During the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Club has always held this competition in various cultural seasons, motivating young people to communicate with the Book of God, especially in Ramadan, so it is included in the name (with the Qur’an in the month of the Qur’an). The competition had a significant response to the evidence of the high number of participants. Mohamed Said paid tribute to the constructive cooperation of Al – Rayah and Al – Sharq for their desire to publish the competition throughout the month.