Al-Jasra Cultural Salon held a traditional evening under the title of: “The Maritime Heritage and the Contemporary Generation”, during which Al-Nahham (Craving) hosted Ali bin Nasser Al-Haddad was hosted as a guest, along with the participation of Hussein Al-Sihati and Ali Al-Sihati in the performance. Al-Niham (Craving) Ali bin Nasser Al-Haddad started his intervention by talking about the importance of preserving the maritime heritage, which represents a heritage identity for the country, and he talked about its beginnings and its association with the marine environment and everything related to it, referring to the Qatari Craft Center in the industrial area, and he considered that the start of his career was in the Qatari Maritime Festival. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Ali bin Nasser won the title of Niham (Craving) Al-Khaleej in 2019 and 2021. Also, Al-Niham (Craving) Ali presented a group of marine songs and accompanied him in playing and singing, Mr. Ali and Hussein Al-Sihati. Mr. Ali Al-Haddad has called for preserving this traditional folklore, and indicated to the necessity of establishing a permanent center concerned with this heritage, along with holding various activities and courses for it and introducing the necessary matters related to this subject. It is worth stating that there is a craving associated with work, and craving associated with the sea, and the attendees had interventions that enriched this meeting, which culminated in honoring the participants, as Mr. Mohammed Nasser Al-Obaidan, the Secretary General of the club, presented them with certificates of honor and the club shield.