Al-Jasra Cultural Salon hosted poet Jamal Hariri in a poetry evening, entitled “Steadfast Palestine”, which was held at the headquarters of Al-Jasra Cultural and Social Club, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, in Souq Waqif.

Writer Hanan Badie, coordinator of the salon, began the evening by presenting an introductory overview of the poet who presented his poetic creations, by reciting a poem entitled (Ya Quds), in addition to other poems that reflect the steadfastness of Palestine in the face of occupation.  The audience interacted with the poems of the evening, which culminated in honoring the poet Jamal Hariri, where Mr. Mohammed Salem Al-Darwish, a member of Al-Jasra Club, presented the club’s shield and a certificate of thanks and appreciation. The evening came within the framework of several different events, between poetry evenings and various seminars held by the club in support of the Palestinian people, affirmation of the Palestinian right, rejection of the aggression on Gaza, highlighting the history of Al-Quds Al-Sharif and Palestine, in addition to highlighting the role of art as a national message towards the ongoing aggression.