The Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, organized a session  entitled (Art is a national message), presented by writer and critic Atef Suleiman, and moderated by Hanan Badie, coordinator of the Al Jasra Cultural Salon.

Suleiman touched upon the importance of art and its purposeful message that motivates and charges determination and how, over the long years since man realized the word art, he has been able to express the nature of people, their lives and ideas. He said that art was able to express reality and the future, and artists were inspired by it for many of their ideas. He stressed that (art plays a big role in our lives).

He reviewed the patriotic songs that inspired determination and expressed human issues and had a role in charging the fighter and Mujahideen in preparation for battles. He pointed out that (the song was able to have a positive impact on our lives and express human and social attitudes). He addressed the songs that had a role in raising the level of cultural awareness and enthusiasm and the evolution of human life in order to revolt. The evening culminated with the honoring of Mr. Ibrahim Al-Jaidah, chairman of the board of Directors of Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club, to the journalist writer Atef Suleiman, in recognition of his efforts.