Al-Jasra Cultural Salon hosted the Omani researcher, Mr. Fahd Al-Nomani, in a lecture entitled (The Civilizational and Cultural Dimension of Local Dialects), and the lecture began with a speech during which the salon coordinator welcomed the guest, presenting an overview of his scientific and practical career, explaining that he is a specialist in the Arabic language, and a doctoral researcher at the University of Manouba in Tunisia, specializing in sociolinguistics and the study of local dialects, and then referred the floor to him to deliver his lecture, where he began by explaining that the paper he presents descends in sociolinguistics. Al-Nomani began the lecture by presenting the definition of language among the ancients and moderns, then touched on the theories of the origin of the language, and the mother tongue, talking about linguistic families, from which he moved to the Arabic language, and also presented the definition of dialect and its concept in modern scientific terminology, and reviewed the issues of language and dialect, as well as speech habits in dialects with multiple examples, followed by talking about the civilizational and cultural dimension of dialects, and the importance of documentation. The lecturer also presented two models for documentation, namely the Omani Encyclopedia and the Tunisian Linguistic Atlas, explaining the efforts made in them. The attendees agreed that the lecture was rich in information, and this was reflected in the amount of interaction that characterized the session, and the interventions and discussions to which the lecturer responded, indicating his satisfaction with this interaction, while the session concluded by honoring Mr. Fahd Al-Noamani, where Mr. Khalid Al-Obaidan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, presented him with a certificate of thanks and appreciation and the club’s shield.