Al-Jasra Cultural Salon announced that it will organize a new discussion session in the framework of its current season under the title “Values in the 21st Century” to be presented by Dr. Hani Salah Abu Galban next Saturday evening at the Club’s headquarters in Souq Waqif. The session will be moderated by writer Hanan Badie and will begin immediately after the evening prayers at around 7:30 p.m.

During the session, Dr. Hani is expected to list many ways in which the individual can live as a more civilized person. He will also highlight the fact of the changing nature of life from era to era, which imposes a different mechanism for community interactions, where dealing with sudden developments happens in a different way. The lecturer, moreover, will draw on the academic experience he has gained in the field of educational guidance at the Ministry of Education in Qatar. He will also highlight his rich past experience as an educational supervisor for the Islamic Education Researchery in Jordan and as a head of the department of guidance and supervision at the Ministry of Education there, in addition to coordinating the portfolio of the Subject of Islamic Studies in the independent schools in Qatar, and working as a specialist of educational standards at the Supreme Council of Education. Dr. Hani holds several academic qualifications including BA, MA, and PhD in his field of specialization, in addition to several other qualifications. He also participated in several educational courses that have enriched his academic, scientific and practical experiences.