Al -Jasra Cultural Salon at the Social Cultural Club of the Ministry of Cultural, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, will hold a symposium entitled (Between Al -Aqsa Mosque and the fragility of the occupation, The reality and duties), presented by the writer and the media, Gulnar Fahim Barahama.

The symposium comes in cooperation with the meeting of all of us, Maryam Al -Alami, and managed by the writer Hanan Badi, and it comes in solidarity with the Palestinian issue, with the aim of spreading awareness of its importance.

It is known that Gulnar Fahim has issued two stories for children, and has participated with them at the Doha Book Fair for a period of four consecutive years, and participated in many various and radio television dialogues in addition to being prepared and director of several programs specialized in Palestinian affairs through a number of satellite channels, as she is interested in the matter The Palestinian and Al –Aqsa. She is a founding member of the initiative of all of us are Maryam Al -Alami, and a founding member of the Waqf Sultan’s Haram Foundation.