The Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club, in collaboration with the Dana Girls Center, will hold a celebration of Garangao on Sunday. This event, which the Al-Jisrah Club annually celebrates, will include the distribution of bags and nuts to children. Additionally, around 30 girls will present a display showcasing Qatari heritage, dressed in traditional Qatari attire associated with Garangao, accompanied by traditional Qatari music relevant to the occasion. This aims to familiarize attendees with Qatari customs and traditions, including the origins of the Garangao celebration, such as attire, children’s songs, and the distribution of treats. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about some popular Qatari sweets, further enriching their understanding of Qatari Ramadan traditions and the importance of preserving generational customs. The club has consistently upheld this tradition in various ways, including touring neighborhoods in Doha on club buses and engaging children in their communities. It’s worth noting that this year’s celebration will be attended by His Excellency, Ambassador Timothy Davis, who is eager to participate in Qatari heritage traditions, making the Garangao night an ideal opportunity for such involvement.