A Qatari Folklore Evening is organized by Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club, in cooperation with the Music Affairs Center, at 7:30 p.m. on Friday. The event is the fruit of joint collaboration between Al-Jasra Club and the Music Affairs Center, with a view to educate the public on the need to preserve the heritage and save it from extinction. Al-Maha Folklore Group will present various segments including Maritime Arts, Sound Art, Fidjeri (Songs of the Pearl Divers), Ardha (Qatar Traditional Sword Dance), and Bastah (traditional musical art), as well as Ashouri, Al-Tannbourah and Leiwah (traditional sea arts). Al Jasra Club was always committed to revive, promote and document the folklore, in its various manifestations. The partnership with the Music Art Center is envisaged to support this orientation, especially with the orientations of the Culture and Arts Administration at the Ministry of Culture and Sports to call for a connection between all cultural and arts institutions, clubs and centers in the state.