Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, organized a lecture titled “Family Reconciliation and its Impact on Reducing Divorce,” which was presented by the preacher Sheikh Ahmed Al-Buainain, Director of the Family Reconciliation Office at the Supreme Judiciary Council, and managed by Dr. Faraj Sheikh Al-Fazari, who welcomed Sheikh Ahmed Al-Buainain, pointing out the importance of reducing divorce rates in community.

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Buainain began his lecture with talking about the main causes of divorce, which are lack of dialogue, marital infidelity, high expectations, violence between spouses, women’s work, in addition to inequality (difference in cultural and financial level) between spouses, lack of financial support, divulging secrets, family intervention, and the man’s absence from home.

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Buainain pointed out that the importance of avoiding the causes that lead to divorce must be made before the marriage contract and not after it. He added that dealing with the issue of divorce requires developing solutions, and he reviewed the most important of these solutions, including the appropriate choice and having the father of the bride sit with the husband, talk to him, ask about him, and take into account competency between spouses and the rush to marry after the contract, as most of the problems that exist today lead to divorce before consummation for many reasons such as arrangements for the ceremony, honeymoon, etc. Also, adhering to credibility before marriage avoids both parties from divorce at a later time, since 60% of the reasons of divorce are for simple reasons and not a real reason for divorce. Usually, the first five years are the most difficult of marital life, as we need to get to know everything related to our spouse, in terms of likes and dislikes. Sheikh concluded his speech by explaining the types of divorce and the procedures followed in the courts, pointing out the importance of dealing calmly and ethically and preserving the rights between the spouses if divorce occurs.

The meeting culminated in Mr. Ibrahim Al-Jaida, Chairman of the Club’s BOD, honouring Sheikh Ahmed Al-Buainain and Dr. Faraj Al-Fazari, in appreciation of their efforts.

Notably, Jasra Cultural and Social Club is one of the most ancient literary clubs in the Arab world that keeps pace with events and participates in creating the cultural scene. Since its establishment in the early sixties of the last century, it has hosted many authors and intellectuals from all parts of the Arab world, and is distinguished by publishing literary works and the intellectual production of those intellectuals through Al Jasra Cultural Magazine and its website. The club also holds many seminars, lectures, and training courses throughout the year for young people in various areas of creativity, including writing, theatre, music, and human development.