Al-Jasra Club announced that it will organize various events and activities to celebrate the National Sports Day tomorrow, Tuesday, and explained that these activities will be held in an open space in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and taking into account the required health precautions and the recommended conditions; where participants will gather at the Club’s court which will be provided with sports equipment, including equipment for basketball, football, table tennis, and table football. The Club will organize competitions in these games after distributing a sports uniform to all participants. Healthy meals will be prepared for them as well, and the winners will receive prizes at the end of the activities. It is worth notice that the number of participants will be limited to no more than 15 young people, in compliance with the recommendations issued by the State health officials and in order to protect everyone’s health.


For his part, Mr. Mohamed Saeed, treasurer of the Club and the general supervisor of the celebration, stated that the Club specializes in the cultural field, and its sports capabilities are limited, but the administration is keen annually to prepare for this day, rooting for the custom of sports in the community, and in respect to its importance, which is the day when all of Qatar becomes an open field for sports activities, amid the wide participation of governmental entities and the private sector in order to benefit the community and educate it on ways that reduce health risks. Finally, he affirmed that the National Sports Day is a pioneer initiative at the world level.