Al Hosh” is one of the heritage activities that attracts children of all ages in Darb Al Saai, held as part of the state’s celebrations of the National Day, which falls on the eighteenth of December. It aims to teach them the traditional games that used to be played in the past in the State of Qatar. The corner of Al Hosh event includes two pavilions; one for male children, and the other for female children.

Abdul Rahman Mansour, one of the supervisors of Al Hosh event, said that Al Hosh event includes 11 ancient traditional games, namely: (Al-Taila, Al-Saba, Al-Kirm, Al-Dawama, Al-Nabala, Al-Rain, Al-Qais, Al-Khabsa, Al-Laqfa, Al-Madoud, and Al-Berwi). 

He pointed out that there are games that are played on the sand, such as the game (land and sea), and others that are played in the places allocated for them at the venue of the event, and some of them are competitive games such as throwing games.

Abdul Rahman Mansour explained that a group of young volunteers, about 28 volunteers present throughout the day, is being used to teach children at the event venue in Darb Al-Saai. They are a group of people who have experience in these ancient traditional games, which they gained from their fathers and grandparents, indicating that most of the games are competitive, where competitive competitions are organized for them, and the winner gets a prize to encouraging them to learn these ancient games.

He pointed out that the event attracts children, but at the same time introduces adults to these ancient games as part of Qatar’s heritage.