The activities of the National Day in Darb Al-Saai are distinguished by the heritage characteristic  that reflects the history of the country. These activities are decorated with Qatari folk songs such as “Al Fajri Art” of sailors, which they use to relieve the misery of the profession of divers in the past.

Mr. Omar Abu Saqr said that this type of art has been used since long time ago, as the seafarers were chanting popular national songs s during the cruise, where they believed it gives them strength. In press statements, he added that the “Al-Fajri” band is consisted of a leader who chanting verses and repeated by the seafarers and the sailing crew who chanted the verses and maintain the ship sailing process

Abu Saqr explained that this type of folk art is particularly associated with seafarers in particular, divers who have been cruising in search of pearls. He noted the interconnectedness between the band concerned with this type of art and the ship with which it shared the structure and roles, and the of “Fajri art ” mimicked a complete scenario of the diving journey at sea, considering it a sea art playing on land. “Al Bahri” is the first stage in this singing and always begins with words that lift the morale of the ship’s crew. The beginning of the national songs  is the beginning of the divers’ liberation from all psychological deposits and gives them the feelings of liberation and of embarking on their hard journey. There are several forms of this “Fajri art “, all of which depend on the beginning. There is a form of this popular art that begins with a sad folk song in colloquial language. Abu Saqr said that the “Fajri art ” is not related to a particular kind of word. national poetry, flirtatiousness or lamentation verses  can be used in his national songs . It also contains forms that  contradict the rhythm between the drum and the “gharsha”, a musical instrument of this art, and he pointed out that “Fajri” national songs s  usually end with words that bring happiness to seafarers.