The ordinary GA of Al-Duhail SC will be held today, Tuesday at 7:00 pm to discuss items on the agenda. The GA will not have elections. The meeting at the club’s headquarters will only be dedicated to discussing a number of matters, on top of which are the first team and its achievements, as well as the football age groups that dominated the tournaments this season and the rest of the club’s teams. The meeting will begin with the endorsement of the previous meeting minutes and then approval of the strategic plan and discussion of the club’s president’s report on the work of the year ended and the New Year programs and action plan. The meeting will also discuss the this years ending final financial statement and the draft budget approved for the coming year (2020/2021). In addition, there will be a discussion of the auditor’s report and the appointment of an auditor and assessment of his fees for a year. Further matters discussed will be the organization, administrative, technical and financial regulations, the human resources list and the consideration of the issues suggested by the members, whether they were presented at least ten days before the meeting of the GA or which the club’s president considers fir to be  presented to the GA. Members who have the right to attend the GA meeting are the founding members, active members who have paid the annual fees and whose membership has been active at least six months before the date of the Club’s GA. Signature in the meeting register begins one hour before the meeting. The GA meeting may not be attended by proxy. IDs or membership cards must be presented, and the member may receive a copy of the agenda documents and their attachments from the Club Secretariat a day before the meeting. The OGA meeting is valid in the presence of an absolute majority (50+1) of the members who have the right to attend. If the quorum is not complete on the fixed date, the meeting will be postponed to another date, after the holy Eidul-Adha holiday, on Tuesday, August 11th.