“Al- dana for girls “organized two distant workshops about the importance of work and time, presented by the certified trainer< Nadia Hassan Turkter.


The two workshops targeted girls from 12 years of age and above, to enhance values and activate the elements of Qatari identity that were presented by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Wijdan Cultural Centre.


The two workshops addressed several aspects, including the importance of work and the concept of work, the benefits of work to society, as well as the importance of the proper use of time to accomplish tasks.


In this regard, she referred to the components of the Qatari identity, which included the human being, the other, knowledge, work, and time. The lecturer talked about the types of work, the benefits of work to the society, primarily the continued growth in income, increased local production, increased efficiency of education, stimulating investments and reducing crime in society.


She noted the importance of high-quality work and delivery so that people can get their food and drink properly within religious and ethical controls so as to enhance productivity without relying on others.


Furthermore, she asserted that work is an essential ingredient in building societies which contribute to achieving success for all individuals who have maintained the development of their societies.

Turkter added:” when choosing a job, the person has to choose a work which represents himself and his country and it has to be a useful work with the necessity of perfection in work.


She presented, through the workshop, a competition, which included a part about the value of work in which she asked three questions