Al-Dana Girls Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports organized a workshop entitled “A Day in the life of a player”, presented by the basketball player Hayat Ali Gharib, in cooperation with the Qatar Basketball Federation.


The workshop targeted girls aged 12 years and over to provide them with the information about the basketball sport by knowing the excellence journey of the lecturer as a Qatari player in the basketball team.


During the workshop, Gharib reviewed her journey and her beginning in the sports field, how her talent was discovered and when she joined the Qatar Basketball Federation. Also, she talked about the game and its rules. Hayat said, “The basketball player must have physical fitness, be athletic and have a sense and spirit of teamwork within the team and how to deal with others.” She added that the game is suitable for all age groups and that she started playing it when she was 10 years old and this helped her learn the game correctly.


She invited the girls who have the desire to learn the game to join women’s basketball clubs and academies as they are characterized by female qualified and accredited trainers and also she invited girls to develop themselves and have the ambition to achieve the best.