As part of the celebration of the Arab Youth Day and in appreciation of their efforts and motivating them towards creativity and excellence in youth and societal field, Al-Dana Girls Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports held a session entitled “Youth and Digital Skills” during which the professor and coach Mohammad Shaheen, presenter of the episode, was hosted in addition to engineer and the inventor Iman Al-Hamad.


Professor and coach Mohammad Shaheen said that the session dealt with many aspects such as importance of providing youth with digital skills in global changes and leaving positive youth imprint, the importance of making digital personal brand and its role in spreading the national and Arab identity, guidelines for youth in positive interaction in the digital world in order to be influential people who have an effective role and to make successful and effective youth vision in the digital field in addition to importance of the digital skills in youth entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

Shaheen added that during the episode, the experience of Engineer Iman Al Hamad as a successful youth model in the digital field was reviewed and her experience in the Stars of Science Program, through which she won the third position and how this experience positively affected the personality of Engineer Iman Al Hamad. She presented the experience to the attendees. Moreover, successful youth models were highlighted for youth to benefit from them and to be a motive for them to be creative and work to leave positive imprint in society.


Shaheen pointed out that the session was characterized by spontaneity so that the content of the episode was communicated to youth in a simple and effective manner at the same time.


On her part, Iman Al-Hamad confirmed that the digital means in general have become a necessity of life especially with the spread of “Covid-19”, which proved the importance of digital means and had an important role in helping people continue their daily lives positively. She said that youth must be aware of these digital means, how to benefit from them in their life, hence the interest in presenting this session arises.


On her assessment to the role of youth in light of data currently given to them, Iman said, “There are many youth models that have realized the importance of digital means and seek to invest and employ them in their lives”. She pointed out that many youth support agencies seek to spread awareness of positive use of digital means and employing them in appropriate manner that reflects the personal identity of the young man and acceptance of the world to values.


Al-Hamad added, “There are many youth models who have become influential on digital means of communication and have worked to spread positive messages in society and this indicates youth awareness of the important role they play in order to contribute to the development and renaissance of society.”


She invited youth to always be proactive and to strive to achieve their goals especially they are the basis of renaissance, progress and development of nations and society. Therefore, every young man must be aware of his role in society and is always keen to develop himself and his abilities and invest in the digital means available today to create opportunities for himself stressing that life is a continuous learning journey, so let us continue the journey of learning and development and create youth models that the society and the world can be proud of.