Al Dana Center for Girls of the Ministry of Culture and Sports organized a workshop entitled “Personal Economic Behavior”.


The workshop was presented – within the Al-Dana Pioneers Project – by coach Ammar Muhammad, digital behavior consultant and trainer, with the participation of a number of girls affiliated with the center.


The workshop targeted girls aged 12 and over in order to make them and their parents aware of the need to control the electronic procurement process and not to be excessive, especially since most girls tend to be obsessed with e-procurement without paying attention to many important aspects.


The coach addressed several aspects, including the essence of the principles of marketing communication – the push-and-pull strategy of marketing communications – the concept and models of consumer behavior – the effects of purchasing behavior – the art of advertising and public attraction – digital marketing and its impact on our behavior.


The trainer noted the importance of identifying procurement sites and companies and their relevance to the economic sphere, noting that they must be registered and trusted.


He called on girls not only to buy and acquire extravagantly, but to be productive and not just consumers.


The trainer praised the girls’ response to the content of the workshop, which was very well received among the participants, he also praised the center’s interest in female members, opening the way for them and involving them in many targeted workshops that benefit them in the future.


It is worth noting that the Al Dana Center for Girls will present several workshops this August, including the “Explain Qatar Flag” workshop within the framework of the “Imprint of Every Year” program and another workshop entitled “How to start your project” presented by coach Mosaad Al-Hajjaji and a “30 Minutes of Happiness” lecture presented by coach Khawlah Abdullah Al-Bahr.