The Dana Girls Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in collaboration with the Centre for Support of Behavioral Health, conducted an Online lecture for its affiliates entitled “Self- Management and Development,” which was presented by the Certified Instructor Lulwa Al- Bin-ali. The lecture targeted girls aged 15 and over as part of the Centre’s regular community events and activities

The lecture aims at how to manage and develop the self, and to educate young people about the importance of exploring their feelings, ideas, abilities and capabilities, and developing them with the aim of positive returns in their own lives, and to become individuals with a positive impact in their society.

The lecture discussed several themes, including the definition and management of oneself – the importance of oneself in identifying human needs – planning to reach the stage of self-realization – the most important competencies that an individual must acquire to achieve oneself – how to develop oneself – the most important aspects that a young person needs in the context of development and upgrading and includes the spiritual, health, personal, family, social, professional and material aspects.

Benali pointed to the importance of such workshops for girls at this age, noting that we live in an age of technology speed and social media influence, which has greatly affected us and our children to achieve a happy life, which is not what is needed, emphasizing in this that peace, comfort and happiness lie within us and not what we have of the size of the house, the type of car, the model of the phone, or any other material thing.