As part of the celebration of World Youth Day on 12 August of each year in accordance with the United Nations General Assembly resolution of 1999, the Dana Girls Centre, in collaboration with several youth centres, celebrated the events of International Youth Day 2021 under the theme “Youth Innovations for Human Health.”

. The events were held in partnership with Al Kaaban Youth Center – Al Thakhira Youth Center – Al Kaaban Girls Forum – Al-Jumayliyah Youth Center – Al Thakhira Girls Forum – Al Wejdan Cultural Center. The celebration witnessed a discussion session moderated by Mr. Ali Al Ishaq, founder of Get Started Sport, during which the Qatari champion Abdullah Al Ishaq, a player of the Qatar athletics team, and the Qatari champion Ali Al-Mas, the champion and coach of athletics for people with special needs, were hosted.

Professor Wallaa Yusuf, Director of the Dana Girls’ Centre, explained the importance of celebrating World Youth Day, noting that young people are the future of the State and the cornerstone of the State and that they are involved in stimulating social action.

This ceremony is an opportunity to remind young people of their active role in societies, noting that the prosperity of societies is based on the hard work of young people and their active role in sustainable development, and that they need to be actively involved in formal activities and future policies.

Professor Wallaa Yusuf expressed her pleasure at the partnership and cooperation with the youth centres, noting that Al-Dana is keen to establish partnerships with the youth centres, institutions and various parts of the State, She said: We value such partnerships with them, assure the positive role of young people in society, and encourage them to highlight and enhance their capacities and confidence in themselves.