Within the “Children’s Literature Initiative”, the Qatari Forum for Authors hosted the media figure Ibrahim Al-Bishri in a session entitled “Importance of Narrator in Children’s Stories.” The session, mediated by writer and artist Lena Al-Ali, was broadcasted on the YouTube forum channel and on social media platforms. Al-Bishri confirmed his choice to focus on the novel for children due to his passion for this field. He further explained that this passion began since his childhood listening to simple folk tales from his grandmother and parents. He referred to his career in Qatar upon his return from Kuwait after completing his university studies there in the field of acting and theater directing. He was intending to work in the theater education department to discover children’s talents in acting and training. However, he was surprised to find that the department did not exist anymore. This made him frustrated yet helped him to find his calling in Al-Jazeera kids Channel to be his gate to cross to children’s hearts.

The young Qatari narrator, speaking about the reasons for his success in this field, recalled his first memories in the field of acting starting since primary school. He confirmed that his father’s support and guidance helped him greatly in gaining self-confidence. This affected his personality and had the greatest credit for his love of acting. Moreover, his brother Mohamed Al-Bishri’s success in the field of media also stimulated him to follow in his footsteps.
In the same context, he confirmed that the biggest challenges he faced in the field of storytelling was to attract the child to listen to a story at a time when technology is overwhelming. This make children lose interest in stories, which motivated him to invent new and entertaining methods to draw their attention, mixing storytelling, acting and dubbing. He deployed his acting energies, his academic formation, and his ability to imitate to present a performance that attracts the child.
He further explained at the end of the session that the secret of his success in this field is choosing stories close to his heart to tell children. His love of these stories and characters reflect even in his voice, movements and facial features. Such an honesty in performance is easily conveyed to children.
It is worth mentioning that the children’s literature initiative continues in July, until the end of August, to host a new group of authors from inside and outside Qatar to review their writing experiences for children.