Mr. Nasser Mubarak Al-Khulaifi, who is responsible for the activity of innovations, activities and marine sports in Darb Al Saai, revealed his program during the coming days, and confirmed that the activities include a fishing competition, which is held for the first time this year with the participation of children and families, in addition to the competition of slitting oysters and searching for pearls. The events include also the Majlis, diving people, the Maritime Museum, Al-Mutawa House, the popular café, Al-Nukhadha Majlis, Al-Niham, and Akkas “Al-Fareej”, in addition to marine competitions, the old bakery, and traditional folk games such as tug-of-war, snatching the sail, and “stopping it”. This is in addition to participating with the artist Nasser Abdel-Ridha in the play Al-Ghabba, where she sheds light on various forms of marine art, and pointed out that Al-Nahhamin introduces the Darb Al Saai audience to the most important and prominent creations of the sea through a tour of the imaginary load that roams Darb Al Saai accompanied by the voice of Al-Nahham. Also, the craftsmen inform the public about the ways of creating their products, which is a matter that gains the satisfaction of the audience, as it continues to follow the stages of creating hand-made products step by step.

Al-Khulaifi welcomed the citizens, residents and guests of the State of Qatar in Darb Al Saai, especially in Albidaa event, and stressed that the extension of the period of events over 24 days is a matter that allows them to present all their arts and creations freely, and the coincidence of the events with the World Cup will make their activities in Darb Al Saai full of opportunity and attracting the largest number of audiences who are looking to learn about the culture of the country hosting the World Cup

Albidaa event documents the Qatari marine heritage environment in miniature, and Albidaa area is the ancient “Al-Fareej” adjacent to the sea, and attracts the audience because of its deep heritage extension and an authentic Qatari heritage that reflects the feelings of intimacy and compassion that used to bring together the people of “Al-Fareej”.