Al- Aziziya Youth Center inaugurated “Keep on Track” programme, which is a health and sports based programme oriented for young people and continues during the period from February 24 until April 29 over three days weekly, i.e. Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Through this programme, the Center aims at combating obesity, promoting good health by following a healthy lifestyle, maintaining an ideal weight and good fitness.
During the programme, the participants are familiar with healthy food types that benefit the body, do not cause overweight maintaining healthy weight at the same time, as well as protect from diseases which might be caused by eating certain types of food in large amounts.
This programme is implemented by diet specialists with a view to achieving the best possible utilization for the participants. Additionally, advanced sports equipment is used in order to carry out the developed training plans during the programme period, as well as a special program is developed to help the participants lose weight.
Al- Aziziya Youth Center persists in launching this type pf programmes that would be beneficial for the participants and members and enhance healthy lifestyle concepts.