Qatari world champion Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyah is keen to continue his home preparations to maintain his physical fitness, given current commitment to precautionary actions and preventive measures to reduce the spread of Coronavirus by staying home as well as his eagerness to continue training while waiting for the return of sports competitions so that he would be fully prepared.
With an electronic gaming unit setup at the family farmhouse, Al-Attiyah is participating with his family at attempting “a Rally Racing Simulator”, as he has recently been adjusting to a new routine, with more time now being spent at home.
“Staying at home,” he said, “I’m working on the physical side just to be prepared for once things get back to normal. There’s plenty to do and it’s important to keep yourself busy,” says al-Attiyah. “I’m always around family now,” He added, “especially my brothers. I have six brothers and there is a lot that we get to talk about. I get a lot of support from them, both in and out of motorsports. So, it’s very special to be able to share a Rally simulator experience with them.”
Our champion, Al-Attiyah, has had many encounters with virtual experiences in preparation for main events. “At the Porsche Club in the Middle East,” He said, ”also the 24-hours and 6-hour races in Nurburgring Germany, I used simulators to get the feeling and to learn the tracks. But this simulator is different. I can actually drive my rally car from Dakar that we won with in 2019.”
A simulated driving experience can give al-Attiyah a new perspective on his technique and adventure. But off the track, the Qatari champion relies on footage to study his highlights and reflect on his decision-making during races.
“When I’m away from the track,” He reflected, “I go through all my replays. Recently I have been watching and reflecting on how I managed my last Dakar and I learned a lot.”
Al-Attiyah is anticipating his next opportunity to compete, but until then he will be sure to stay ready and prepared to get back on the track.