The cast of the musical “Al-Asmaey Baqou” is working on the final touches for production after moving into the Drama Theater at Katara, which will hold three performances, starting on January 20th as part of the Doha International Book Fair. The musical play features a select cast of Qatari stars, including Hadiyya Saeed, Ghazi Hussein, Nasser Al-Mumin, and Salem Al-Mansouri, among others. The play is written by Abdul Rahim Al-Siddiqi and Tayseer Abdullah and directed by Saad Bourasheed.


Bourasheed explained that the production is almost ready, as only a few remaining details are being worked out while the cast is getting used to the stage. Over the past month, the cast has been rehearsing at the Qatar National Theater, and only yesterday were they able to move to the Drama Theater. Bourasheed expressed his pleasure that this performance brings together different generations of Qatari theater stars, as the cast includes some pioneers alongside new distinguished talents. He described the production as a play that deals with critical themes that are compatible with the book fair. For example, the play addresses intellectual property rights as well as contemporary social issues. Bourasheed promised the audience a performance that will reinvigorate the cultural role of theater by relying on a highly professionally written script, a new approach to direction, and impressive special effects. These features are designed to engage the audience intellectually and emotionally. He concluded by expressing his gratitude to all those who have supported the production, especially His Excellency the Minister of Culture and the Theater Affairs Center, whose efforts will ensure the play’s success.