Abdul-Aziz bin Abdul Rahim Al-Bohashim, a member of Al-Arabi Club’s GA, announced his candidacy for the presidency of the club for the 2020/2024 electoral cycle. This was done through a statement posted on his Twitter account shared on electronic websites.  In the statement, Al-Bohashim revealed his electoral program that he set in order to present himself to members of the GA and confirm his ambitions for the sake of the club’s future.
Abdul-Aziz Al-Bouhashim is the fourth to announce his candidacy to run Al-Arabi club elections. He will compete with the list of Sheikh Khalifa bin Jabr Al Thani, the current club president, and that of Abdulaziz Al-Sulaiti former football player, and Suhaila Al Hareb, a member of the club’s GA, who announced earlier her candidacy for the elections. It is expected that candidates submit their papers to the Membership and Elections Committee on the 18th  of this month.
El-Watan Sports Newspaper spoke with Abdul-Aziz Al-Bohashim about the reasons that led him to take the decision to run elections. “I decided to run elections,” He said, “in order to serve Al-Arabi Club. My loyalty towards this entity is the reason. My connection with the Club has not been interrupted since I was a player in it. I have worked in many entities a matter which has provided me with experience and ambition. I got the desire to respond to the invitation that I received from many during the last period, whether friends, members or fans of Al-Arabi Club. The main goal is to serve and support the Club and contribute to accomplish achievements that satisfy its fans.
“I was keen on naming my electoral list “Hope” for several reasons.” He said, “The most prominent of these is the achievements made in various sports, despite their importance and value, are incomplete due to the lack of achievement in football. Fans always feel that successes are still absent because football is the real facade of the Club. Therefore, my primary goal is to contribute to accomplishing an achievement in football that will please the fans.” He further indicated that he will announce the name of the vice president on his list within hours.
Al-Bohashim is the fourth candidate for the elections. First, there was Sheikh Khalifa bin Jabr Al Thani, the current club president, who announced his candidacy for a new term. He was followed by former football player Abdul-Aziz Al-Sulaiti then Ms. Suhaila Al Harib’s. Al-Bohashim spoke about his preparation for the electoral competition and his ability to win beiong the fourth to run. “Al-Arabi SC,” He said, “is the most popular club in Qatar, as it is the club of the century. The number of those running for elections has increased to four at the present time, and the door is still open for more.” He Confirmed that loyalty to the club is the real motivation for running in elections. The upcoming elections will be a celebration of democracy within the Club’s walls, since everyone’s goal is to serve Al-Arabi SC and contribute to its success and the satisfaction of its fans. Whoever wins the elections, we are confident,  aspires to achieve those goals.”
Regarding his electoral program he said, “I was keen on announcing my electoral program early. I was the first to present my program to the fans. I have defined the goals and ambitions that I seek to achieve, hoping that my message will reach the GA members.”

He pointed out through his statement posted on the social media that his electoral program crystallized into several topics as he closely considered the concerns of the club and identified its needs. These topics included a return to wining of individual and group competitions. This could be done through creating an environment of excellence and success, strengthening the Club’s financial resources through diversity in income sources and working on a marketing strategy that increases affiliation with the club and makes its fan base continuously expand. Reinforcing the slogan that Al-Arabi SC’s identity is based on being a people’s club is another element that should be considered. This should also be accompanied with effective communication locally with the ministry, federations, and clubs to enhance the spirit of cooperation and service of the nation and keeping pace with the State’s Vision 2030. Globally, this could be achieved through regional and international cooperation agreements with clubs and federations.
Al-Bohashim’s electoral program included three topics. First, winning championships and accomplishing achievements at all levels, especially that of the football team, because it represents the popular and public facade of the club. Second, supporting all age groups in all games that create sustainability and the main tributary to higher levels. Third, strengthening the financial position by creating flowing resources that achieve sport achievements.
It is worth mentioning that Abdul-Aziz bin Abdul-Rahim Al-Bohashem Al-Sayed was a former handball player in Al-Arabi Club. He graduated from the College of Arts, Department of History, Qatar University. He held many posts and leading positions. His last job before contracting was head of the Leaders Centre at the Ministry of Interior. He has extensive experience as a handball player with the club. He joined in 1978, and then joined the national junior team in 1980. He progressed with the national teams until he reached the first team and participated in the Asian Championship in South Korea in 1983. After retirement, he turned to administrative work. He was the director of Al-Arabi Club’s team participating in the Tenth GCC Clubs Championship in Al-Ain, 1990, during which the team won second place. He was a former member of the Handball Federation and director of the national youth handball team who participated in the World Championship in Argentina, 1994. In addition, he attended many courses and conducted several studies as well as being involved in community work, which had given him experience that prompted him to run for president of the club.