His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Jabr Al Thani, Chairman of the Arab Sports Club, approved the club’s youth committee’s plan for organizing its youth camp for volunteer and training work, during the second mid-term vacation from March 15 to March 18 2020, within the activities of the youth and community committee at the club to occupy the youths’ leisure time with all what is beneficial and useful. His Excellency affirmed the role of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in activating the societal role in sports clubs through its continuous support for these programs and activities to serve the youth of Qatar and placing them on the map of important international programs that contribute to the refinement and preparation of Qatari promising talents for the next awards. For his part, Mr. Mohamed Jassem Al-Kuwari, Executive Director of the Arab Sports Club stressed that the establishment of these youth activities throughout the year under the supervision and preparation of the youth of the club’s cultural committee, and the keenness of active participation with other sports centers and clubs is an important opportunity and a successful step in the field of practical leadership training in this important voluntary aspect, as it enriches the information of the participants, and adds many experiences and expertise to them.
He explained that the Arab Sports Club administration’s is keen to support these activities, because of their importance in serving individuals and societies, while gaining experience in this field through the activities and training programs offered. He further praised the Department of Youth Activities and Events at the Ministry of Culture and Sports for its important role in preparing young Qatari people.