Names of the winners of the e-contest on traditional proverbs, organized by the Cultural Committee of Al-Arabi Sports Club under the supervision of the Youth activities Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, were announced by the Committee. The contest was organized with the aim of identifying the nation’s popular and cultural heritage. Young people were allowed to participate via the club’s social media pages.
Khaled Mubarak Abdullah Al-Khulaifi, won first-place in the competition for the year (2020) and a “2000” Qatari riyal prize. Second-place winner was Omar Mohamed Abdul Rahman, who won a 1500 Qatari rials prize, and Jassim Mohammed said won third place and a “1000” Qatari riyal prize.
The administration of Al-Arabi Sports Club organizes such competitions in order to connect the successive generations to their Qatari heritage and their past.