The traveller Ahmed Al-Ameri will present tomorrow evening a new episode of the “A Traveller in the Time of Corona” program, which is broadcast on Saturday and Tuesday of each week, on the platform of Qatari Youth Hostels on Instagram. The expected episode is the third of the program that relies on a dialogue between the presenter and Qatari travellers and lovers of travel who recount their experiences, with the aim of promoting tourism and encouraging people to enter its world. Followers of this program can visit different places around the world while staying at home by listening to different experiences in many countries around the world. Furthermore, the program highlights the role of travellers and introduces them. It is expected that Al-Ameri will discuss through the program with travellers what they have missed during that period in which the world is going through the Corona crisis. They will also talk about how they spend their day in light of the spread of the virus and what is their destination after the end of this crisis. It should also be indicated that the first episode of the program was aired on May 13, while the second was broadcast on May 16. The fourth episode will be broadcast on May 23 while the fifth on May 26. Furthermore, the episodes of the program will continue after Ramadan.