Akkas photography center affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports announced the organization of Photoshop course next Monday at building number 18 in the Cultural Village, Katara, presented by the trainer Maha Al-Athba during the evening period in order to introduce the uses of Photoshop in editing images and inserting them in texts and other elements in addition to training members on preparing various visual designs as this program is considered one of the main tools in printing stages.


In order to preserve safety and comply with precautionary measures, the center stipulated obtaining two doses of Corona vaccine regarding that the number of participants will be limited. Also, the center stipulated that those wishing to join the workshop should be familiar with basics of photography and they should bring a laptop during the session provided it includes Photoshop application.


The new course is a part of a series of summer courses that the center will organize regularly depending on its capabilities and in cooperation with the various entities affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Within a series of workshops and courses during the summer, Akkas resumes its efforts to develop abilities and skills of youth and to develop and encourage talents in the fields of photography to reach the professional level within the strategy of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to enhance the awareness of the society of the needs and interests of youth and to provide them with the opportunity to enhance their talents and demonstrate them especially during the summer vacations.