The Ministry of Culture’s “Akkas Photographic Center” announced the launch of a “Ramadan Moments” competition to enrich its members with activities and events suitable for the month with Fuji Film. Meanwhile, the 30 best participation will be chosen and displayed at the center’s headquarters at the General Foundation for the Cultural District, Katara. The Center has announced a set of terms and conditions. The contest will be open to all citizens and residents of Qatar. Participating photos should help reflect the atmosphere of Ramadan and highlight the beauty of the holy month creatively, with a maximum of five entries per participant.

The organizing committee and its staff have the right to use photographs while preserving the photographers literary right. Each competitor has to vow that the image belongs to him. On the other hand, pictures framed or containing text or signatures will not be accepted, and those wishing to participate in the contest should send their work to participate via email at [email protected]. 300 dpi JPEG resolution, with an image attached to your ID and your mobile number. Participation in the event of non-compliance with the said requirements will be canceled.

The center announced the deadline to participate in the contest is April 21st. The winner will be awarded first place with a Fuji GFX50S Media Format camera. The second-place winner will receive a Fuji X100V camera. The Akkas Photography Center is one of the Ministry of Culture’s cultural centers. It works to develop photography in the country and discover the creativity of Qatari youth in this field through the courses, workshops, competitions and photography exhibitions offered by the center throughout the year.

The center aims to establish a generation of Qatari trainers as part of the center’s strategic goals. We will work at the center to attract young talent in the field of photography, and they will be qualified academically to become trainers in the future. This is done by organizing workshops and lectures on various main themes of photography, as well as seminars and presentations, which are primarily based on the youth component, both inside and outside the country, and by representing the youth sector in local festivals and in relevant national, Arab and international events.