The Akkas photography Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Sports organized several courses in connection with the summer activity season of 2021. The events began with the launch of the Basic Photography Course presented by Coach/Arif Al-Umari. The registration process was very popular with amateurs and the required number was completed. Participants were able to learn about the fundamentals of photography and the technical techniques required to capture a successful photograph. The course covered, inter alia, the principles of photography? And what are the most important photography tips for beginners? And how do you take a successful picture? And what are the perfect conditions for filming? Besides some photographic techniques and camera-use skills, taking into account the specificity of photographic environments and backgrounds, by the end of this course the participant was able to learn what kinds of cameras are available on the market today and to prepare the best conditions for producing good photographs within environments and backgrounds appropriate to the subject matter of photography.

The Centre also organized the “Photoshop Fundamentals Course”

At this level of the Adobe Photoshop course, the trainees were enabled to the basic tools in the program on which any design or modification in the program depends, and the trainees learned in the course how to start work and choose the right images. In addition to some basic image tweaks in the program, these tweaks include selecting parts of an image to move, merging and cropping images, and adjusting dimensions. This level also includes learning about some basic tools, including the different selection tools for merging and cutting images, layer tools for merging more than one image or object, writing tools for adding texts, as well as moving and zooming tools to work on images.

The Akas Centre will also organize the “Mobile Imaging Course”

Which will start on the 6th of this July. This course includes several points, including the basics of mobile photography and how to follow it? What are the most important observations to be taken into account? How can a smartphone image be of high quality to access professional images? In addition to organizing a course entitled “Intellectual Property Rights Lecture in Qatari Laws,” which allows participants to learn about the protection of intellectual property rights in their complex legal and security dimensions, in the light of a marked escalation of abuses and attacks on works of art, This lecture will shed light on these attacks and what are the legal penalties resulting from these moral transgressions, which represent serious repercussions in the legal, security, commercial, creative and civilized fields in light of the openness to the Internet, which allows everyone to use any business in it without referring to its owner, which calls for people with Specialization and experience Setting alerts according to the laws and regulations followed in the country.

The Akkas Centre has worked on the conditions for participation in these courses. One of the most important requirements is that the participant receive two doses of Corona virus vaccination, and that a number of technical and precautionary controls will be put in the course announcements when they are announced.

The Akkas Centre, together with the Ministry’s Department of Youth Affairs, will also co-host a number of workshops, including bird photography, mobile video filming and montage, as well as mobile photo imaging and modification. At the end of each workshop, participants will be urged to carry out live and realistic experiments and apply what they have received through these workshops.

It is worth mentioning that the Akkas Photography Center is the largest youth incubator that works to foster and promote the hobby of photography, and to provide an appropriate environment for its practice and development by scientific, technical and educational methods and means, for amateurs and all members of the center, in order to maximize the use of time in practicing and developing hobbies and optimizing the use of resources. And discovering leaders among young people, preparing them and qualifying them to assume responsibility, in addition to developing creativity and ways to discover talented people and raising the level of their abilities and capabilities.