The Akkas photography Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Sports has been receiving applications for the positions of Director and Deputy of the Centre. The Centre has been receiving applications since the day before yesterday and shall continue to receive such applications till the 15th of this month of August pursuant to the conditions of candidacy previously announced which include the commitment of the candidate to submit a copy of his or her electoral program, after being presented through the Youth Media Center, together with the application for his or her nomination or on time decided by the Membership and Elections Committee.

The first regular General Assembly meeting is scheduled to take place on the 2nd of next September, via Tims or Zoom application. In the event of the incompleteness of the quorum, it will be postponed to the 9th of the same month, and the second meeting will be valid in the presence of a quarter of the members. The meeting shall be postponed for a period not exceeding one hour, and the meeting shall be valid if attended by any number of members.

According to the agenda of the General Assembly of the Centre, the current Director of the Centre would be heard, the Membership and Permanent Elections Committee would be formed, the Director and Deputy Director would be elected, the financial report would be discussed and the work would be updated.

The Akkas Center has held several workshops during the past period, including a workshop on the basics of photography presented by coach Aref Al-Ammari, in addition to another workshop on mobile photography, presented by coach Abdulaziz Al-Qubaisi, along with the workshop for the basics of “Photoshop”, presented by coach Maha Al-Athba, and another workshop entitled The “good Image According to the Rules of composition” was presented by the coach Abdullah Hamdan, and the Center had previously held a lecture entitled “Intellectual Property Rights in Qatari Laws”, presented by Counselor Abdul Rahman bin Saad Al-Qahtani.

The Centre was established to reflect the interest of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in providing a host for the hobby of photography, which has grown dramatically over the past period, and in response to the demands of young photographers to have an independent center for photography, after they had a section of the youth center for hobbies, aiming to prepare the necessary means for members of the center to practice their activities in an appropriate manner, in addition to paying attention to local photography, promoting it and providing conditions for its exercise through scientific, artistic and educational methods and means.