Doha Youth Center in cooperation with Akkas center organizes a workshop entitled “The Photograph according to rules of formation” on June 20 through the Zoom application. This workshop will be presented by the photographer Abdullah Hamdan as formation in photography or forming the frame is one of the basic skills of the photographer and one of the basic pillars of the success of the photo with the correct illumination.

The workshop aims at introducing the participants to the importance of photo formation and how to direct the eye of viewer within the photo frame to reach the target point or what is called the focal point or sweet point.


It is noteworthy that “Akkas” center that the Ministry announced its launch recently  will develop plans and programs that achieve practice and development of the hobby of photography and work to implement it while seeking to provide and secure all material and human resources necessary to achieve its aims in addition to encouraging and training youth of both sexes to practice photography, conducting competitions and specialized technical courses, awarding prizes and material and in-kind incentives to talented people in addition to organizing seminars, presentations and meaningful activities in the field of photography.