Akkas (Photography) Center announced the launch of a series of courses and workshops with the aim of improving the art of photography and enriching the photography art scene with talented youth in this field. From February 24 to 26, the Center will host a workshop on the art of wildlife photography (birds) by coach Mohamed Al-Baker. This is in addition to a number of events and courses that will be held throughout the month of February, according to what was announced by the Center.

For his part, Mr. Abdullah Al-Musleh, Head of the Center, said that during the coming period the Center will organize workshops and lectures in various main themes related to photography. It will also organize some seminars and presentations which depend primarily on the youth, whether inside or outside Qatar, represent the youth sector in local festivals and relevant national, Arab and international events, and organize research, studies and conferences to discuss means of promoting photography, holding individual and group photography exhibits on a regular basis, in addition to organizing photography competitions aimed at encouraging photographers to highlight their creative works. He also explained that all these activities are being held in accordance with the precautionary measures set for the COVID-19 pandemic approved by the Ministry of Health. Mr. Al-Musleh added that “photography is also an art and culture, and our recent presence at the Doha Book Fair confirms the country’s keenness to support and promote photography in Qatar. Our participation in the “Beauties of Qatar” exhibition was well received by the public, and the exhibition included 30 pictures highlighting the beauty and characteristics of the Qatari environment, with the participation of 15 photographers affiliated to the Center. Works were moved to the Center’s headquarters after the Doha Book Fair ended.”

It is noteworthy that the new course, scheduled to be held on February 24, on wild birds photography, stipulated that those wishing to join it should have: familiarity with the basics of photography, a professional camera (preferably 44mm lens) if any, and COVID-19 vaccine certificate.