Mr. Ahmed Al-Kuwari, the head of the archery event presented by the Qatar Shooting For Bow and Arrow Federation, confirmed in Darb Al Saai that the archery event aims at reviving the sport of parents and grandparents due to the great role it plays in achieving protection and providing hunting for a living, and that along with the development and progress of this sport, it has become one of the Olympic sports, in which Qatari athletes participated and achieved many successes and championships.

He said that the shooting event reminds us of (Al-Nasa’a), which means (The place where the shooter aims). It aims at strengthening the Qatari identity and connecting children with traditional images in Qatar, especially, since it is one of the old hobbies practiced by the people of Qatar, where shooters used to compete in (Al-Nasa’a).

Al-Kuwari added that archery is one of the sports that are popular with the masses and that it enhances self-confidence, calmness and tranquility, and one of the most important rules and basics of archery sport is that it requires skills of accuracy, control and focus, where the player uses the bow and arrow to aim accurately at targets on a colored circular disk which include five circles, each with a specific color. Among the basic elements of archery are security and safety, calmness and concentration, neurological coordination, movement during shooting, balance, and strength. Besides, and among the correct rules for shooting arrows are security and safety, calmness, balance, focus, and steadfastness after shooting

Mr. Ahmed Al-Kuwari added that the shooting event is in Darb Al Saai this year is a classic version of the archery event, where the modernity of the field which is based on the use of 10-meter air rifle shooting, bow and arrow shooting, in addition to laser shooting, as well as a simulator that targets children and trains them before they enter the field, which was designed in a modern and exceptional manner to keep pace with the most prominent event, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ,

The head of the event talked about the mechanism for selecting the distinguished shooters, who hold Darb Al Saai passport, where their names are registered and nominated to participate in the national team at a local and global level, stressing that the shooting event works to spread this sport and at the same time targets the distinguished to include them in the Qatari teams as well as providing instructions and explaining the basic rules of the sport of shooting in various games, indicating that the shooting event has promotional aspects that are popular with the audience, where the winning participant gets a pass on the various events in Darb Al Saai.

He continued by saying that archery activities increase the level of self-confidence of the younger generations, as well as their focus and hence increase the effectiveness of fortitude at the physical and athletic levels, praising the efforts of the Qatar Shooting, Bow and Arrow Federation for its efforts to promote sports at the popular level, and, thus, always be a tributary as archery is as a cultural event of a religious and heritage nature due to its importance in teaching children the basics of archery. ‎

For his part, the participant Ahmed Al-Ajji, one of the visitors of Darb Al Saai and the amateurs of the shooting field, said that the activities of Darb Al-Saai this year are exceptional and distinctive, and the new location has added enough space for more other activities that many desire, explaining that the shooting field is his favorite place due to the fun and richness it adds to the development of accuracy and focus skills.