Writer and journalist Dr. Abdullah Faraj Al-Marzouki shed light on the fundamentals and rules of literature in dealing with others during the fourth episode of the Literature Initiative, which is presented by the Qatari Authors Forum every Sunday through his social media accounts and YouTube channel.

Dr. Al-Marzouki said that the literature of dealing should be present in the family, work, society and all aspects of life, and with all ages and levels. He confirmed that the human being is proud of his morals and ethics and that he is nobler in heart than his lineage.

He called for self-righteousness and self-righteousness through the politeness of dealing and being good to others. He called on all to be gentle, to be courteous, and to be courteous, and polite. He also called on people to be gentle, to deal with the wounded, not to despise others, and to avoid taking advantage of others’ mistakes and mistakes, because every horse has its own grief. He stressed the need for human beings to preserve the dignity of the people they deal with and not to violate the freedoms and rights of others.