Studio 6/5 invites all Qatari Youth to participate in activities of “Islamic Creativity Camp” within the period from June 6 to July 1 and within the activities of Doha, the capital of culture in Islamic world for the year 2021. Studio 6/5 will present a series of online workshops; the period of each one is 5 days ending with a final project for young men and women whose ages range from 7-18 years in the field of fashion, tradition, sports and accessories.


Activities of the first week will be held under the name “Islamic Fashion in Virtual Reality”. During this educational series, young men and woman will learn about traditional Islamic fashion within enjoyable educational experience in order to set up a virtual scene of three-dimensional characters within “Victari” program to design figures (models) indicating Islamic culture such as Qatari Iqal. This is in addition to the “Islamic Instagram Filters” workshop during which Islamic art will be presented in a style that suits the modern era technologies.


In the workshop of “Arab Fabrics in Reinforcing Reality”, participants will learn about the concept of reinforcing reality and digital fashion within developing reinforcing reality project using Unity program. Also, they will create an image that can be scanned to be used in the program and then affix it to a piece of clothing, so that a specific video will then be played when the image is scanned.


As part of the activities of the second week, a series entitled “Three-dimensional scanning of the rosary” will be held in which the participants will learn about three-dimensional scanning technology through practical activity that is scanning figures related to the Islamic heritage such as rosary. Also, they will learn about the design program “Tinkercad” to learn how to create three-dimensional shapes that can be prepared using a 3D printer. In the series of “Digital Arab Fashion Application” light will be shed on concepts of programming, developing mobile applications and digital fashion within creating an application using “Thank Cable” program in addition to workshop entitled “Electronic rosary” in which technology contribution in one of these forms of worship will be demonstrated. In addition, participants will learn about microcontrollers and how to program them.



The third week begins with the “Virtual Horse Riding” series as participants will learn about the concept of virtual reality and 3D design by developing a multi-scene 3D environment using CoSpace program. Also, they will design a 3D environment and add 360- degree scene in addition to interval video. Works of participants will be inspired by the Islamic Culture of horse riding. In the series entitled “Traditional Sports and Virtual Reality”, participants will learn about the concept of virtual reality as well as Unity Program to develop three-dimensional virtual environment that simulates different types of sports in Islamic heritage.


The “Digital Shooting” series will pay attention to Sports in ancient times. Under the title “Shooting with Programming Language Scratch”, activities of the fourth week will be launched as participants will learn about the concept of designing and developing electronic games through developing an interactive two-dimensional game using Scratch program. They will design and program the game’s user interface in addition to know Islamic heritage of shooting sport as well as “Electronic Camel Race” through creating and programming one of the oldest games in Islamic history, the Camel Race, via Arcade platform. Activities will be concluded with a workshop entitled “Make the Holy Quran holder yourself”.