Al-Kaaban Girls Forum of the Ministry of Culture and Sports will present a training course on “Acrylic Pouring”, by trainer Ghaya Al-Manaei at 5:00 pm this afternoon through live streaming on Instagram. The course aims at introducing Acrylic Pouring to members and highlighting the ways in which the paintings can be made using that method, as well as the most important tools used in that process. The workshop, is directed at the age group of 10 years and older, it will provide the opportunity to the talented to discover their abilities in drawing and painting. It is worth mentioning that the course is held within the activities of the Forum which aim at directing girls to know their talents and use their leisure time during the summer vacation positively. The course comes as part of the Forum’s efforts made in the belief of the necessity of community participation. On a different note, the Forum has recently launched a set of varied interactive activities on social media, as a new plan that is fully based on remote electronic communication was developed.