Al-Khor girls Centre organizes this evening a new interactive workshop through its platform on Instagram entitled “Creating a character in fictional work” by writer Asmaa Bani Issa within the “A Writer’s Starter Kit” program via the live streaming technology on Instagram at 5:00 pm. The workshop includes several methods of developing narrative writing tools and the necessary techniques to write in the narrative form for those who want to sail into this kind of writing. The theoretical aspect of the workshop will present a review of the methods of getting and expressing the idea. The practical aspect, on the other hand. will discuss, interactively, the feedback of the workshop on the direct execution of some tasks and ideas. This workshop is an extension of the great success achieved by the program at its launch and achieving a good interaction by the contribution. Within the framework of the workshop concern to encourage its contributions to educate themselves through different means of knowledge, the Centre collects answers on the extent to which watching a movie can be a substitute for reading the a novel and vice versa. One of the objectives of the program is to offer cultural activities during the Corona crisis in order to develop literary skills, organize and invest time, make good use of it for the benefit of both the Centre’s girls and the society as well as developing the intellectual and cultural aspects of girls and to discover and cultivate talents.