Within the activities of the thirty-second edition of Doha International Book Fair, which is currently being held under the slogan “By reading we rise”, a workshop entitled “Qatar National Vision and Defining National Development” was held.

The workshop was presented by Mr. Abdullah Al-Khunji, Researcher for Follow-up on the Implementation of Qatar National Strategy, and witnessed a wide attendance.

The workshop aimed to introduce visitors to the exhibition to Qatar National Vision and the sectoral strategies included in the vision, and what has been achieved during the previous period.

Al-Khanji said, in a statement, that during the workshop, the focus was on the challenges associated with achieving this vision, especially with regard to preserving the customs, traditions and heritage of the State of Qatar in light of globalization and Western cultural currents.

He pointed out that during the workshop, emphasis was placed on the importance of deliberate expansion of projects that are directly in the interest of national development, and strengthening all the pillars on which it is based, which include human, social, economic and environmental development.

Al-Khanji said that: Doha International Book Fair is a great cultural phenomenon that witnesses a large public presence, and it is an opportunity to inform visitors of their various categories about Qatar’s national vision and its foundations, and what has been achieved from this vision so far.

It is worth mentioning that the Planning and Statistics Authority is currently participating in the 32nd edition of Doha International Book Fair with a pavilion that includes its publications on Qatar National Vision 2030, the first and second national development strategies, as well as an interactive survey for visitors about aspirations regarding the third national development strategy of the State of Qatar.