As part of the Ministry of Culture and Sports’s efforts to rehabilitate and develop young people in various fields, the Jumayliyah Youth Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Sports organized a workshop entitled “Financial Culture” through the Zoom application.

The workshop was presented by Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Al-Khanji, one of the pioneers of youth work in the ministry and a specialist in entrepreneurship and money. The lecturer dealt with several points in the workshop, including introducing the basics of financial culture and the mechanisms of personal evaluation calculation with a view to raising awareness among individuals, especially young people, of the importance of learning about financial concepts and how to use them as a healthy way of life in our daily lives through the self-assessment account and the preparation of a monthly budget.

Mr. Al- Khanji explained that financial culture is based on principles and values acquired from education and from the society in which we live. These values and concepts are reflected in our everyday behaviors that make financial culture a life.

The lecturer discussed the table of basic human needs and how to make the necessary savings for each item: how to manage the money, how to make a monthly or annual financial